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Microsoft PowerApps and Flow Learning Resources

An ongoing list of Microsoft PowerApps and Flow Resources I'll update as I come across helpful resources.
Main Sites: - Main hub for PowerApps, Flow, Power Bi and Microsoft Stream - Documentation on everything PowerApps Learning - Technologies
Common Data Model:
MS Ignite - Dive into the Common Data Model - :
Video - PowerAppsMicrosoft:MS PowerApps - Mechanics - Step-by-step …
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SharePoint Developer Options

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with any company mentioned in this post. There are a number of ways to develop applications in SharePoint these days. To find out more please visit Editor - Great for manipulating a single page. Host pages in a SharePoint Document Library - All of your pages can be uploaded to a Document Library and organized using Folders. All of your code must be client based only. You cannot load code that runs on the SharePoint server. You can use plain JavaScript, a JavaScript Framework like Angular, Angular2, Knockout etc... Various Javascript libraries such as JQuery, ReactJS etc... Custom Stylesheets, BootStrap and many more. But all must run on the client, no SharePoint Server side code is allowed anymore.SharePoint Add-In (SharePoint Hosted or Provider Hosted) - Given what I am seeing in blog posts I follow, SharePoint Hosted Add-Ins are supported at this time but are quickly falling out of favor. Provid…

Microsoft PowerApps + Flow - My opinion on "No code Enterprise App Development"

Microsoft designed PowerApps and Flow for PowerUsers who may or may not know how to write code.
In my opinion LOB ( Line of Business ) Developers such as myself can benefit from this new offering as well.

How?Time to Market, Yes PowerApps is essentially a closed market,  there is no way to sell the apps you create in PowerApps, they are intended solely for your organization, so your market is your co-workers.

Being the only developer for my department, all design, development, testing, and support falls on my shoulders, this is both good and bad. The average time it takes to gather requirements, to design, to develop, compile user feedback and make improvements depends on the application, for me this typically takes any where from 3 months to over a year before the app can be put into production.
All the while you have to keep up with your other duties, design in new requirements on existing apps where appropriate, take support calls etc... Typical right!

In PowerApps you connect to yo…

Microsoft PowerApps and Flow - TIPS

I will update this post as time goes on.TIP #1 - Limit the data surfaced to the current user.NOTE: Context Variables are scoped to a single screen, if you need the variable to be scoped to your entire application, use a Collection Variable instead.
How? Use the Filter Function and aContext Variable, you can even use the text value of a Textbox instead of a Context Variable if you want.
1. Set a Context variable to be created when the Home or First Screen of your app is made visible, then set the value of this Context variable to User().FullName, User = Current Logged in User. 
ex. In the Advanced tab of your screen properties set the OnVisible property to UpdateContext({CurrentUser: User().FullName})
In my humble opinion: The OnVisible property would also be a good place to refresh your datasource connection so that you are seeing the latest and greatest, you can have multiple functions set in this property, just make sure you put a ; at the end of each function, except the last function…

Remote Debugging my Raspberry Pi3 Over Wifi in Visual Studio

Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow

* This was originally posted on my Public SharePoint site but I'm in the process of moving away from that site due to the fact that Public SharePoint websites are being discontinued March 2017.It was mentioned in the 2016 Microsoft Ignite video,, PowerApps will replaceInfoPath and Flow will replace SharePoint Designer.​In my day job I develop a lot with InfoPath and SharePoint so I decided I had better start coming up to speed on these two new technologies from Microsoft, actually I'm still trying to come up to speed, there is a lot more you can do besides what I will ​show in this post. For the marketing spiel about why you should consider PowerApps and Flow, I'll direct you to Microsoft's PowerApps website​, they do a much better job than I can. What is this about? Let's walk through the process of building a Line of Business (LOB) Mobile Application to allow employees to submit Long Term Parking Requests.  Whe…

It's been a while

My apologies, I have not had the chance to blog in quite a while.

A lot has changed since my last post.
I'm still with the same employer but the technologies we now use have changed.

iBeacons - this has been one of my more popular posts and I apologize for the lack of followup on this but since my last post my energies have been more focused on other technologies in Line Of Business application development. I only started looking into iBeacons to see if they could be used in an industrial environment. Unfortunately the accuracy of the readings was not suitable for my purpose, so that project has been discontinued.
I still think this is a great technology and has many uses, it's just not right for my project.

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch - I only use LightSwitch for enhancements and maintenance of existing applications now.
This may change in the future but for now I will no longer be developing any new applications with LightSwitch due to several reasons:

Google is in the …