Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Have you ever wished you could manage your Google services from your desktop. Well the
RSSBus Google Data Provider provides an easy way to connect to your data hosted on Google's servers to your LightSwitch application.

1. Download and install the Google Data Provider from RSSBus, there is a trial version

2. Create a new LightSwitch project - Select VB or C#, your choice. I selected C# and gave mine the name of GoogleDashboard. The default project will be a desktop application.

3. Add a DataSource - choose Database

4. Change the connection

5. Select RSSBus Google Data Provider

6. . Provide your credentials in the Authentication section to access your Google account, click Test Connection, if ok, click OK

7. Choose which objects you want to import, even though we will only use the Calendar data for this example, I'm going to import all tables and views .

8. Click Finish and your screen should look similar to this.


9.  Add a new screen and choose List and Details, for Screen Data choose the Calendar entity and make sure the Calendar Details box is checked

10. The Screen Designer should be shown now.
Under Calendar Details select the Description Text Box and in the properties window change Sizing property to Lines, for this example I want to show 30 Lines.

11. Click F5 or Start Debugging arrow to run your application
You should something similar to the following screen, Note: Even though the meeting was weeks ago and the links should be disabled, I blacked out the connection details of my online meeting.

12. Create a new appointment and Save.
13. Navigate to your Google Calendar with your browser and see that the appointment or event was saved on the Google side. :)

We now have a complete, although lean, application with no coding on our part.
Now you can manage your appointments posted in Google Calendars from your LightSwitch Desktop application.

From here you can explore managing not only your Google Calendar but your GMail, Contacts, Documents and SpreadSheets.

When I first wrote this test app I kept getting

Error 500 - Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Solution: You have 2 options

2. Do like I did and disable my DevExpress XtraReports extension, not required for this project.

Thanks for viewing and I hope this helps

- Keith

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